Staying at Flo Harris Lodge


You'll find Flo Harris Lodge on the corner of The Boulevarde and Hunter Streets in the peaceful, leafy suburb of Lewisham. We're next-door neighbours to Petersham; a vibrant and culturally rich community with plenty of coffee, exquisite food and many mixed businesses.

Lewisham has excellent bus and rail connections to Sydney in the east and Parramatta in the west, giving easy access to most universities and colleges, including Sydney University, UNSW, UTS, ACU, TAFE, Notre Dame and private colleges in Sydney, North Sydney and Parramatta.

Trains from Lewisham Station are every 5-10 minutes in peak periods and every 15 minutes for the rest of the day.

Buses to the city and other areas also stop on New Canterbury Road and Railway Parade at Lewisham Station, both a short walk from Flo.

Community Life

There is lots of this! It’s what Flo is all about.

Highlights of community life at Flo include our beginning and end of year events, along with regular sport and activity nights. Orientation week is packed with activities and opportunities to get to know everyone. The week is rounded off with our annual ‘Race Around Sydney’ and a Harbour Cruise.

There are plenty of casual events that happen throughout the year— trips to the beach, city, snow, you name it. These are usually events put on by the residents themselves, so you never know what we're planning next!

At the end of the year we have our Formal Night— an evening of live performances, slideshows, dancing and a superb dinner.

For more of what we get up to, check out our Facebook page.


Dinner is a bit of a special thing for us. This is a chance for everyone to sit with each other and chat about their day. Our fantastic chefs, Franki and Clara, whip up a two course meal which can be anything from fried rice and chicken to pasta and salad. Things kick off with announcements so you know what’s going on, and a prayer to say thanks for the food. Breakfast and lunch is provided, but do-it-yourself.

Activities (optional but encouraged)

Some of the activities we get up to at Flo:

  • Growth Groups—a study of the Bible to deepen your knowledge of God and for guidance on life
  • Games and movie nights
  • Trips to the theatre for plays and concerts
  • Basketball
  • Snooker/pool room
  • Harbour cruise (compulsory)
  • End of year dinner at Darling Harbour (compulsory)
  • In-house social nights
  • Race around Sydney
  • Beach trips
  • Jamberoo

Sporting Facilities

There is a pool room and fitness gym onsite. You can play volleyball down on the grass or shoot a few basketball hoops too. We are 10 min walk from Petersham Park which has an oval and swimming pool or Marrickville Park which has tennis courts and cricket nets.

Full-time managers and residential chaplains live on-site to coordinate community life.

Apply now to stay at Flo, or read some frequently asked questions about staying at Flo.

I have found my experience at Flo to be extremely beneficial to me. I am now close enough to my College to be able to focus well on my studies, and the group of people here are great fun to be around. Flo is a great community; fun, supportive and I have absolutely loved living here.