Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flo only for Christians?

No—at Flo Harris Lodge, we love to welcome people of all different backgrounds and faiths. However, because Flo Harris Lodge is part of Petersham Baptist Church, we operate under the church’s constitution, practices and beliefs.

What are the rules?

We have rules that allow the community as a whole to run smoothly. These are detailed in the Terms of Residency agreement which we ask you to read before applying. We also have complete resident information available in the handbook:

Is there a laundry available?

There are two laundry facilities on site with EFTPOS/card operated washing machines and dryers for residents to do their own laundry. It's $4.50 per wash and $3.00 per dryer cycle. We provide a complimentary washing service for your bedsheets once a week.

Do residents have duties?

Yes—each resident is a member of a small team, responsible for one meal wash-up per week. However, we also expect residents to act responsibly by keeping rooms and common areas neat and tidy.

What security do you provide?

Each resident has a security key to access the main buildings, as well as a personal key to their own room. A security check is made each night after supper, and CCTV monitors the roof. Residents are encouraged to look out for each other. Flo is an alcohol and drug free environment to ensure safety.

How long does it take to get to Sydney City?

Trains depart from Lewisham station every 15 minutes and only take another 15 minutes to reach Central Station, and it's just a few more minutes to Town Hall and Circular Quay. The 413 and 428 bus to the city both stop one block away from Flo and take about 20 minutes to get to the city.

I moved into Flo so quiet and nervous and after spending a year here I have made lifelong friends. It's like living with 50 of your best friends. I have grown as a person and Flo was the best thing for me.

Laura, resident